Resolutions Initiated by Matthew D. Gold, M.D.

as MNA Representative to the House of Delegates of MMS

(As actually passed)

[D=directive; HP=healthcare policy]



Limiting Indiscriminate Monthly Medication Substitutions:

 1. RESOLVED, That the MMS advocate via regulatory or legislative avenues that so-called bioequivalent (i.e., generic) substitutions for narrow therapeutic index agents (or those prescribed for treatment of conditions where potential harm of variable bioavailability, prescription to prescription, of said substitution is substantial) not be mandated and/or be limited to no more frequently than once ayear, especially for economic reasons alone. This should apply not only to substitutions for branded agents, but also to other generic so-called bioequivalent agents of the same molecular structure; and, be it further (D)

 2. RESOLVED, That the MMS advocate via regulatory or legislative avenues that biosimilar medications not be substituted without the express endorsement of the prescribing physician (D)

 MMS House of Delegates 5/21/11


 Generic Versus Brand-Name

 The Massachusetts Medical Society will work with the AMA, FDA and any other relevant regulatory bodies to investigate the allowable variance in bioequivalency and bioavailability of generic products and branded products. (D)

MMS House of Delegates, 12/5/09


Health Policy

 The Massachusetts Medical Society will advocate that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts respect the primacy of the relationship between patients and their physicians and incorporate this as it develops health care delivery plans. (D)

 The MMS opposes any legislation that would prevent permanent legal residents from accessing any health insurance options that are available to all American citizens. (D)

MMS House of Delegates, 12/5/09

  The MMS will advocate that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts develop a plan with the MMS for Aliens with Special Status (legal aliens) to maintain their relationships with their current physicians. (D)

MMS House of Delegates, 5/14/10



 The MMS takes the position that decision-making regarding preauthorization of payment for medically necessary services and treatment is the de facto practice of medicine, and those involved in those reviews should be held liable for bad outcomes and in malpractice actions stemming from delay and/or denial of care. (HP)

MMS House of Delegates, 12/4/10


Resolution Prominently Supported at MMS by Dr. Gold on Behalf of the

Executive Committee of MNA

 Sleep Medicine


The MMS supports continued delivery of high-quality care for patients with sleep disorders in Massachusetts. (HP)

 The MMS supports incorporation of new diagnostic tools and therapies to treat sleep disorders utilizing evidence based clinical guidelines and accreditation standards. (HP)

 The MMS support the principle that management of chronic sleep disorders requires programs that incorporate comprehensive sleep evaluations, access to appropriate testing, evidence-based treatment protocols, and collaboration between primary care providers and sleep specialists. (HP)

MMS House of Delegates, 12/4/10


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